Thursday, January 12, 2012

Torpedo vs Destroyer

A particularly interesting video showing exactly what happens when a submarine hits
their target with a MK48 Torpedo, Made in the USA....

You may have never seen footage where a single torpedo does damage like this.
It's a US made (non-nuclear) torpedo that is in use today by our submarines.
Very precise, very accurate, and very powerful.
This is the Australian Submarine Navy doing a live torpedo practice shot on one of their decommissioned ships. They used a Mk 48 Torpedo developed in the USA .

 It is non-nuclear and not a contact weapon.

It is designed to go off directly underneath the ship at about 50 feet under the keel.
The effect is devastating as you can see from the video.
This lethal weapon can break the back of ships much larger than the one shown in this video.

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