Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Animal Humor, Cats

Repost from lol cats, with permission from icanhascheezburger

Animal Humor, Mostly Cats

These are a repost, with permission, from icanhascheezburger

C.S.S. Stonewall, Armored Ship (1865)

The Stonewall was a foreign-built ironclad which joined the Confederate service toward the end of the Civil War. Named for Lee's inspiring general, Stonewall Jackson, the ship was built at Bordeaux, France by L'Aman, ostensibly for the Danish navy. Like the Scorpion and Wivern, she was the object of intense Union pressure, and it was only with much legerdemain that Stonewall was delivered to the Confederates and commissioned in October 1864.

The above photo shows the ram that any wooden ship would fear

The vessel was constructed in Bordeaux, France for the Confederate Navy. Napoleon quashed the sale to the Confederates and the ship was then sold to the Navy of Denmark. Upon completion, the Danes refused payment so the ram was secretly sold to the Confederacy after all. This was the only ocean going armored warship the Confederate Navy ever possessed. Too late however, to be used in the War Between the States. The Stonewall sailed from France, to Ferrol, Spain where she faced down two USN wooden warships. It would have been sheer folly for them to fight an armored ship. Stonewall then sailed to Havana, Cuba where she was turned over to the Spanish authorities who turned the ship over to the US. The Stonewall was sold to the Japanese in 1867 where she was renamed Kotetsu and later under the Japanese Imperial Government renamed Azuma. Azuma served as an active unit of the IJN until 1888. a long and adventurous career.

Historic Women Trailblazers

Effie N. Hotchkiss and mother Avis, first women to ride cross-country 
on a motorcycle from NY to San Francisco. 
Photo from the September 1915 issue of The Harley-Davidson Dealer.

On June 24, 1915, Della Crewe set out to see America by motorcycle, after rejecting both the train and steamship as being not only too expensive but also uninteresting. With only 10 days of riding experience on her 1914 Harley-Davidson V-twin, she filled her sidecar with 125 pounds of baggage, including her dog, appropriately named Trouble, and began her tour. Despite warnings from friends that she would get held up by hobos or kill herself in an accident, she wanted the freedom and mobility offered only by a motorcycle.

Andrew Chase. TME Sculptor

The following are Robotic sculptures by the

Trionic Morphatractable Engineerr(TME), photographer, welder and assemblage 

artist Andrew Chase.  They are made from recycled automobile and plumbing parts.


Triceracopter by Andrew Chase