Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dyed and Painted Pet Craze

The latest craze in China and other places is to dye or paint your pet like a wild animal..
Photos from Google Images

Hump Day Humor, Misc. Photos

The first one I got in an email and the rest from a great and funny site

 Now where is that darn DUCK!

 Just froze what?

Should make for an interesting offspring...

Finally, truth in advertising 

To be given such an unfortunate moniker at birth, he should have a memorial....

Bull = 2, Asses = 0

Politically correct words escape me.

So this is either a flock of cats or a new hunting coop strategy

A big OOPS

Moral = when transporting paint, secure for impact.

I'm guessing he will get the car in the settlement....

"Joey" rides the little bus...

No education needed here...

What can I say?  Hope you smiled today....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Macro Eyes Have It

Next time someone tells you how beautiful your eyes are, you might want to think about this...

Photos reposted from BoredPanda...visit for some fabulous micro/macro shots...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Infiniti GTR

Nissan's CEO has made vague innuendos as to the production possibility
of Infiniti entering the "supercar" arena with the GT-R and the 
technology available through Nissan.  A great article at Carscoop.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Obama Super Bus

Found in email, Obama unveiled his new "Super Bus" last week.  Just as in the Obamobile Cadillac, the technology, communications and safety features are not to be divulged 
by the Secret Service and we, the people who paid for this amazing land yacht,
apparently have no need to know.  The support vehicles that accompany his entourage make it a parade of vehicles wherever they go.  According to the White House, the cost was $1.1 million.
The bus was made in Canada and finished in the US.

 Even a little humor along the way....

Videos are from YouTube and photos from Google Images

Tokyo Auto Salon Customs

The above photos were reposted from Stumble Upon (via Flickr) and are some of
the Bosozoku style custom cars in the parking lot of the event.