Friday, December 31, 2010

Daniel Boone Train

This fully functional 1-1\2" scale model of a Union Pacific 484 Baldwin steam engine and four Pullman cars were handcrafted by Daniel Boone VI. Every part was completely hand-forged. It took him five years (1957-1962) using all of his spare time to complete the project. The engine and tender weighs 2,450 lbs. without water. It pulls four cars which weigh 400 lbs. each and has the ability to pull 36 people. It runs off of steam, which is produced from burning coal. The engine and tender total 14 feet, 8 inches in length. Three of the Pullman cars are 9 feet long and the last is 11 feet long. This train was started in 1957 and was not completed until 1962 at a cost of $25,000.00. At its highlight, it was a ride at Maggie Valley North Carolina amusement park many years ago.

“America’s Southern Appalachian Plateau is one of the nation's richest sources of folk songs, customs, and legends." The residents of these "hollers" have been described as "full of humor and gentleness, of great dignity and pride." One such resident, Daniel Boone VI, has much to be proud of. The great-great-great grandson of Daniel Boone, the legendary frontiersman, has continued the family tradition as a blacksmith and has created some extraordinary art. Among other things, he was commissioned by the Rockefellers to work on the Williamsburg Restoration Project; most of his work was designing intricate gates and ornaments. He also spent seven years building two fully functional Union Pacific scale model trains. Dan the Sixth is a self-confessed restless man. When explaining the trains, he simply said, "Got to go puttering around, got to find things out." His wife said he "had to see if it would run or not." People often stopped by his shop to look at the trains, and Dan would immediately load the cars up with kids and watch the train go around the track. After Dan's death one of his descendents inherited both trains and now they are available to the right people and place, for the right price. Email Us to talk about it.

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