Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mississippi River Tugboat Adventure

If not for the photos, no one would believe this!

The towboat approaches bridge with barges of coal...
 The river is at a crest and higher than usual, running very fast..
 The boat has released the barges and is working hard to avoid a collision with the bridge
 Unable to avoid the bridge, the boat collides.  And just look at the fools on the bridge, watching.
 The boat is now caught in the current...
 The cook is now wondering what is going on?
 This is not a good thing and someone is gonna be in real trouble....
 Say boss, do we have flood insurance?
 Never mind, it's all good...clear of bridge...

 The working deck is still underwater, but still rising....
 The company that built this tug should be building our battleships and cruisers
 And just look at the smokestack, it's still
And with the prop wash you can see they are underway again, just another day on the river. 

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