Sunday, January 16, 2011

San Diego 4 Wheelers 13th Annual Superstition Mtn Run

Believe it or not, my little stock GMC Envoy 4WD made it most of the way up the hill and never got stuck.  Wheeeee, it was so fun too!  My 1st time ever.

The red truck was stuck in this soft sand and silver truck was trying to help, then he got stuck but they both managed to get free after about 15 min of trying and working.


The Jeep below easily made up and over this deceptively moderate hill, it is really very steep

These folks were out enjoying the beautiful sunshine and taking a lunch break when I came hiking by without any water and dying of thirst.  They were soooo incredibly kind and generous and gave me 2 bottles of water to make it back to my truck.  

A ton of Jeeps out there and all doing well

Another shot of my angels of water

I have to say that every single person I encountered on this dune would stop and make sure I was all right while I waited for my husband.  Also, I observed several vehicle get buried in the soft sand and in minutes they would have a passer by (or several) stop and rescue them.  A unique camaraderie among these type "desert rats".  The offer of assistance without any thought of remuneration.  Thank you for renewing my faith in the human race.  We'll be back!

The Blue Angels in formation over Salton Sea

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