Friday, January 7, 2011

Destiny and the Future

A re-post from Jalopnik, Thanks!

They'll learn the most from the one that's still around after our doom, of course.

They could learn why a human would spend valuable family vacation time doing a solo blast across country in the dead of winter in a $500 crapcan without heat, windows, or a spare water pump.
Lamborghini Countach. With it, they'll know that at least one of them has been living on here on this planet
 A nice pair!

They will look upon it and learn the follies that lead to our downfall: our obsession with conspicuous consumption, and that many males of our species had small penises.
"Sir, we have uncovered the mating rituals of the humans! Reportedly, when they found a mate, they would bring her to this conveyance, known as a van. When the van was a rockin', it was a sign that the mating rituals had begun, and the rest of the humans were advised to not come a knockin'
They need to see what batshit crazy off roading can be on our planet.

Saturns, which will inevitably lead them to discover our subconscious fixation on the Uranus of cars.

Lots of good answers! Of course my answer is as expected as $kaycog's will be haha. The Stratos looks alien, maybe it will make them feel at home! It shows our love of hooning on all types of Earth's surfaces and it can defy gravity!
Toyota Hilux. No vehicle better encapsulates man's love of travel and exploration and also our inexplicable love of stuff. Plus there are Hilux's everywhere on the global carrying nearly everything humanity as every created. From rocket launchers and flat screen TVs, to life saving necessities and the funniest automotive journalists to ever grace the globe.
"OK guys, i think i got it now, there was some kind of military conflict on this planet, but one of the parties had drastically inferior weapon systems."

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