Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Electric EN-V

In 2009, GM presented a Segway backed P.U.M.A.

And now, with soaring fuel costs, here is the EN-V!

First of all, EN-V isn't really intended to imply envy, especially in the case of the bulbous one that looks to us a little like Ponyo in her mid-transition state. It stands for Electric Networked-Vehicle and, yes, it's electric. The entire powertrain is a flat slab upon which the car sits, what's been dubbed the "skateboard." The body of the car then slides forward or backward to balance, and to go forward the body simply leans forward -- just like someone on a Segway. No surprise given that Segway helped to develop the P.U.M.A. that we test-drove back in 2009

Its specs are easy to remember -- if you dig metric, at least: 500kg weight, 50km range, and 50km/h maximum speed. Things are a little less symmetrical in imperial: 1,100lbs, 31 miles, and 31mph. It seats two, has no suspension (other than the rubber in the tires and the padding in the seats), but we still haven't mentioned the best part: the networking.

For more information, photos and details on both vehicles go to:

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